This article will help developers how to use Crasheye platform tools to provide APP error analysis services。

# Create an app

# Step 1: User login


💡 Xishan Ju employees suggest using Feishu to login

# Step 2: Create the project

On the Crasheye platform, move the mouse to the left menu bar and select the right management platform
Go to the "project management" menu bar to add a new project (ProjectKey)

Project ID: The unique ID of the project ProjectKey
Project open attribute: users on the platform intranet are advised to choose "internal project"

# Step 3: Create the app name (AppKey)

Switch to the project information, click Add, fill in the application name (usually recommended to fill in the region), select the platform, and after confirmation, the system automatically generates AppKey

# Step 4: Check the new project and application name

Open the Crasheye platform to see if the newly created app exists


👍 Complete the above steps to create a personal application, and then start using the tools provided by the platform to access the developer's application

# Analyze the results

According to the User Guide, after analyzing the data collected in the developer's application, the key information will be displayed in the platform.

# The analysis report section shows screenshots

For example, Android

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