# How to Use Crasheye

# Integration

# Meet Crasheye

Crasheye is an easy solution platform of quality tracking, which offers comprehensive and professional error analyzing service of apps in real time, and shows you details of each crash to enhance app quality to the full extent.

Key Advantages

Real-time-dimensional and professional graphs to show app quality Real-time display of dimensional data including crash rate, boot frequency, device distribution, OS distribution and user count.

Comprehensive-analysis of multiple crashes Exception catching and analyzing for different platforms (Android, iOS and NDK etc.) and languages (Java, C# and Lua etc.) are supported

Professional-one-step interfacing, constant updates, and ceaseless maintenance One line of code interfaces Crasheye SDK with application. Constant updates and ceaseless maintenance performed by professional test developer team.

Target Clients

  • Game companies
  • Small development teams
  • Indie developers

# Sign Up

For the first time to visit Crasheye, you can sign up for a new account in home page with your commonly used E-mail address. After signing up, Crasheye will send an account activation email to your email box. Click the hyperlink to complete the registration.

# Invite A New Member

With an activated account, you can create an app project and invite others to join in it. Send an invitation to the invitee by providing his/her email addres. After your invitation is confirmed, the invitee will have access to your project.

# Set Automatic Alert

Crasheye provides auto alert in order to closely monitor the quality statues. You can configure automatic alert settings in admin page to notify related people instantly when the alert is triggered.

# View Developer-Defined Information

There is an interface in Crasheye SDK for users to upload developer-defined text string, which you can find in the corresponding record: access crash detail page, select [Uploaded record] tab, and then select one record. You will see the developer-defined text string to this record.

Last Updated: 11/22/2022, 2:12:03 PM